What Chemistry for Dummies book should I get?

Question by nickanikesb: What Chemistry for Dummies book should I get?
So I want to skip normal chemistry next year and jump into AP chemistry. I am planning on taking a course at the community college for normal chemistry, but I think a book would help too. I was thinking about one of those dummies books but there are a few types for chemistry (organic, essentials, etc.). Which one would be more for the class you would take at school? Perhaps there are other books other than the dummies ones that would help me?

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ap chem

though you could just buy a regular chemistry for dummies too.

organic chem is overkill… i ‘d buy that in 2 years from now. since, you need ap, regular, chem 1 , chem 2 THEN organic…. at least in my school thats how it was.

for help on amazon shopping, such as shipping speed, price etc I bookmarked my help page, and shop from the search bar above it, so I can go back and forth… my ocd 🙂

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