Pharma Products

Drugs contain active pharmaceutical ingredients that make them work, asthe API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) are known to form the basis of the medical products. Biologic drugs are derived from living organisms and are helpful in treating diseases like cancer. It has been noted that cough-and-cold products are not effective for children below six years.

All of the innovator drugs are not of a generic version, while those that are developed more recently are protected by thousands of patents, a record of which may run into several libraries.

The biogeneric drugs are still controversial, according to certain e-books, because of certain legal and technical reasons behind the commercialization and use of drugs. The exclusivity period concerned with the biogeneric products is also another debatable issue. However, the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) voices its support for the biogeneric drugs.

Disinfectants are a category of pharmaceutical products that allow patients to get rid of infection, while anelgesics are said to relieve pain.