Chemistry Products

Right from the ancient ‘mummifying’ in Egypt to Mendeleef’s periodic table, and the recent discovery of subatomic particles, the study and application of chemistry as indeed come a long way.

One of the products of daily use is chemical detergents, that together with soaps, are of great efficiency and convenience to maintain the hygiene of the body and what is worn.

Various chemicals are used as pesticides for protecting crops sprays and fragrances in aerosol cans, and a vast range of suspensions, lubricants and oils that are used in several industries and applications.

Most of the textile dyes and other colorants are classified as specialty chemicals, and the study of chemical engineering with the help of desired apparatus and instruments can give more insight in the disciplines.

Steroids and energy-boosters are often taken by athletes for surplus stamina, though considered illegitimate by governing bodies of various sports that are part of their career at club or international level.