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what are good ways to get rid of zits without any medicine or medical items?

Question by Danielle: what are good ways to get rid of zits without any medicine or medical items?
I keep getting zits all over my face but mostly my chin and i want to know if there is a cheap way to get ride of them with no medical products please give some tips.

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Answer by That Writer Girl
its gonna sound crazy, but its worked for me. try putting just regular toothpaste on your face. wierd i know. but i heard this somewhere else and thought id try it., and it seemed to work decently for me.

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Back2Basics Brings Community Together to Address Alcoholism and Ways to Prevent It

Flagstaff, Arizona (PRWEB) April 28, 2013

Flagstaff is home to a variety of different behavioral health professionals. All of whom were invited to the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome luncheon held April 19th, put on by Back2Basics and Jean Bowman. While all drugs are a serious matter, especially to an expecting mother, alcohol is by far the worst, Bowman lectures. Its important that people know just how serious alcohol is.

Roy DuPrez, CEO and Founder of Back2Basics, funded the luncheon and gave people the opportunity to learn about something that is so pertinent in society today. Behavioral health professionals need to stay current on information related to the field, states Duprez. Most licensed professionals need to accumulate hours throughout the year to achieve a certain criteria.

The 40+ people who attended the luncheon on Friday at Fat Olives Italian Pizzeria were made up of psychologists, therapists, psychiatrist, counselors, and social workers, from privately owned businesses, hospitals, and school districts all over Northern Arizona. This lecture was not only a way to inform them of this growing disorder, but also to bring people together that share the common interest of preventing drug and alcohol abuse. We are trying to address themes that are impacted by the effects of alcoholism and alcohol abuse. There are so many factors and people involved, not only the afflicted but the affected, explains Duprez.

With the first luncheon such a success, Duprez already has his next lecture- this one regarding families impacted by alcoholism and drug addiction- set to take place in October hopefully, at Fat Olives.

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