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Daily Pro Blend 12B Probiotic Supplement for Men and Women Launched By OpenDoors Nutrition

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 10, 2014

OpenDoors Nutrition is a new dietary supplement company that has just launched its first product called Daily Pro Blend 12B. This daily probiotic supplement was carefully researched and manufactured to ensure consumers get exactly what they are looking for.

With over one hundred trillion living bacteria in the gut, it is essential that a supplement delivers adequate useful probiotics for an individual too see any health benefit.

OpenDoors Nutrition has created a list on how to choose a good probiotic. Every consumer should make sure a probiotic is lab tested, meets cGMP compliances, provides adequate CFU per serving, and provides safeguards to ensure the capsules enter the gut alive.

Unfortunately, it is common for many probiotic strains to arrive dead, making them entirely useless, and ultimately a waste of money. Due to how powerful stomach acids are, many probiotics are killed before arriving at the digestive tract. Additionally, probiotics are very sensitive and lose their potency when exposed to light, air, oxygen, or moisture. This can result in some probiotic supplements becoming completely ineffective by the time it is consumed by unaware purchasers.

However, there are many ways a company can help guarantee their product will reach the stomach alive. For example, the probiotics can be protected from light, air, oxygen, and moisture by using advanced bottling methods. OpenDoors Nutrition uses moisture resistant air tight Activ-Polymer Bottles to enhance stability of the probiotics.

Furthermore, a supplement that is encapsulated in delayed release pills will help it bypass stomach acids so it can reach the intestines alive. Daily Pro Blend 12B utilizes delayed release veggie capsules to prevent compromising the live count of the probiotics. Nevertheless, these protective measures are meaningless if the product was neither manufactured in cGMP facility nor tested for the stability of the strains.

In 1994, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) created the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act which attempts to make certain that supplements are safe for consumers. This act established Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations enforced by the FDA which provides systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. OpenDoors Nutrition only uses cGMP compliant facilities and also Daily Pro Blend 12B has been tested, for both the quality and CFU per serving, in two separate laboratories for quality assurance. With twelve billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) per serving Daily Pro Blend 12B exceeds the adequate amount typically required by a healthy individual of five billion CFU. Additionally, people should only consider a probiotic supplement that is combined with a prebiotic to get a synbiotic effect.

OpenDoors Nutrition uses the prebiotics Sunfiber? and FOS (Fructooligosaccharide) which are both non-digestible carbohydrates that act as food for probiotics. The addition of these to a probiotic formulates a synergistic relationship, and this gives the supplement the live bacteria and fuel needed to thrive. Lastly, Daily Pro Blend 12B meets or exceeds all the recommendations required for a great supplement all while being free from wheat, eggs, yeast, soy, sugar, salt, animal derivatives, and malodextrin. It also contains no artificial preservatives or flavors, is gluten free, dairy free, is non-GMO sourced, and is Kosher. OpenDoors Nutrition provide as much information as possible about their supplements to help purchasers receive the best probiotic available.

To find out more information about Daily Pro Blend 12B and to buy it today at a discounted price visit their listing on Amazon here:

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Apteka Naturel Releases ProstaCare Naturel: An All-Natural Supplement Supporting Prostate Health

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) April 22, 2013

Apteka Naturel unveils new all-natural supplement, ProstaCare Naturel as a safe, non-prescription alternative to support prostate health.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that about 238,590 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in the United States in 2013. Nearly two thirds are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older. ProstaCare Naturel combines effective all-natural ingredients to help nourish the prostate.

ProstaCare Naturel contains thirteen active and complimentary ingredients that are commonly associated with prostate health, such as saw palmetto, pygeum bark extract, lycopene, pomegranate fruit extract, stinging nettle root extract and other herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals in the form of a gelatin capsule.

This all-natural supplement is a safe alternative to expensive prescription drugs for prostate issues. ProstaCare Naturel is an effective and more affordable way to support prostate health. Formulated without the use of preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, soy, salt, sugar, or dairy products, ProstaCare Naturel is suitable for men with different diet restrictions.

Our new ProstaCare Naturel defines our mission to provide all-natural health supplements to make health a priority in the lives of consumers around the world, said Neil Evans, marketing and operations for Apteka Naturel. Introducing ProstaCare Naturel to the supplement market is a step towards the progressive use of all-natural supplements and away from prescription drugs. We strive to provide ideal solutions for a variety of health problems that require daily support and ProstaCare Naturel is a new addition to our line of supplements that help promote better health choices.

Apteka Naturel carefully handpicks the best of the best ingredients in their purest form from around the world to create natural and organic supplements. ProstaCare Naturel is a new addition to their line of effective supplements aiding heart health, weight loss, leg health, well-being, and vision health.

For more information about ProstaCare Naturel or to learn more about Apteka Naturel supplements and beauty products, please visit

About Apteka Naturel

Apteka Naturel is an international joint venture founded by a team of Russian and American entrepreneurs. The name itself translates to “natural apothecary,” which is the basic tenet of the company. It is not the intention of Apteka Naturel to carry thousands of products as would a big box chain of vitamin or supplement stores. Apteka Naturel carefully hand-picks the best of the best natural products, many of which contain exotic ingredients from the far reaches of the planetNepal, East India, Siberia, the Amazon Rainforest, and Vietnam. Their unique supplements are often breakthroughs, such as their Cardio Naturel Heart Health Supplement, the first genuine product of its kind in the United States. Apteka Naturel believes in preserving Mother Earth and contributes a portion of their proceeds to green-initiative projects around the world.

For more information, visit

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