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Saladshots Brings New Excitement To Both Adults And Kids Struggling With Weight Issues And Obesity

West Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) June 13, 2014

Saladshots (, makers of on-the-go, uniquely flavored natural salad dressings announced today that it has almost reached its crowdfunding target goal of $ 25,000 with 13 days left in the campaign. With the funds raised, Saladshots will take a giant step towards elevating the salad dressing category with its one-of-a-kind flavored, on-the-go natural dressings made with the highest quality ingredients that are a combination of low fat, low calorie, low sodium, low or no sugar, gluten free, and rich in antioxidants. As part of its efforts to transform the salad dressing industry, Saladshots is dedicated to providing a healthy alternative for many people struggling with weight control and obesity. This also includes weight-related issues like heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health problems. Click on the link to view and support the Saladshots Kickstarter campaign:

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over 60% of all Americans (192 million people, including adults and kids) are overweight and almost 27% of the total population (85 million people) are considered obese. When it comes to eating vegetables or salads versus comfort foods, most Americans struggle to make the healthier choice. Saladshots, with its unique flavors, some derived from favorites such as Mac n Cheese (a reduced fat cheesy ranch) and Chocolate Chip (a low fat chocolate cranberry balsamic) as well as classics like Honey Mustard and Feel Good Ranch, opens up exciting, healthy and innovative flavor profiles for those looking for satisfying and healthy dressing options.

Founder Adam Rubin, recently labeled as the Willy Wonka of Salads by, states that, Saladshots novel approach satiates our cravings for comfort food in a healthy, practical way, giving credence to our mission of motivating more people to eat healthy.” Several food bloggers have already noted this in observing their kids increased excitement at eating salads and veggies with Saladshots.

Overall, Saladshots is filling a void consisting of the fact that:

1.????There are no kid-friendly lines of dressings.

2.????There are no lines of portable dressings.

3.????There are no lines of healthy, natural dressings for people who enjoy their comfort foods.

Saladshots introduces fun and healthy salad dressings to people, young and old, with its ground-breaking flavors and on-the-go packaging that will transform the way we eat salads and vegetables to help combat weight problems and obesity.

About Saladshots, LLC

Saladshots creates, markets, and distributes delicious on-the-go dressings, and has a mission to be a leading natural food company that gives back to the community to help more people eat and access healthier foods. For more information, visit #Saladshots #PouritDipitLoveit

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