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FIHL Central Managing Partner

FIHL Central Managing Partner

Title: FIHL Central Managing Partner
Location: Americas-United States
Job Number: 153333
The Managing Partner FIH Central Atlantic (FIH CA-MP) leads the consulting activities for customers and targeted accounts aligned to the FIH West sales territory. The FIH CA-MP is responsible for:

· PS orders, revenue, and profit;

· engagement planning, staffing, quality, and execution; and

· client satisfaction and relationship management.

The FIH CA-MP has a dual reporting relationship the FIH Industry Managing Partner (Primary) and to Sales VP for the FIH Central Atlantic Area (Secondary). The FIH CA-MP is directly involved in account planning at the Sales VP level and is responsible for developing and managing revenue forecasts at industry level. The FIH CA-MP takes a leadership role in securing and defining new engagements and negotiating with customers and contractors, including PS related contracts (Managed Services and Consulting Services).




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