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Jim Kelly's jaw surgery goes well

Jim Kelly's jaw surgery goes well
BUFFALO, N.Y. — Doctors anticipate Jim Kelly will have a "successful outcome" after the Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback had surgery to remove cancer from his upper jaw on Friday. "The surgery went very well," according to a news release issued …
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The Iceman Swimmeth, Chanting 'F Cancer'
Goody Tyler isn't just any hard-core Great Salt Lake swimmer. He's a certified "ice swimmer." In December, Tyler swam 1 mile in the lake when the water temperature was only 41 degrees, the maximum temperature for an official "ice swim." "You're only …
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Blood test may detect colon cancer, early research suggests
New research indicates many people may one day be able to avoid the uncomfortable procedure with a simple, noninvasive and reliable test for colon cancer. According to a study published Friday in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, the future of …

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