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Kidney stones: 'Worse than childbirth'

Kidney stones: 'Worse than childbirth'
Things like obesity and diabetes are associated with kidney stones. The main dietary factors are low water intake and high salt intake and animal protein — anything you killed to eat. If you have high amounts of those intakes, it causes your urine to …
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Trial to test using ultrasound to move kidney stones
Almost one in 10 people will someday experience a kidney stone, which creates what is described as the most intense pain imaginable. This increasingly common condition leads to hundreds of thousands of surgeries in the United States each year.
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Does Mineral Water Cause Kidney Stones?
I've always thought that drinking hard water is not good for you and that inorganic matter in water is the primary cause of kidney stones due to its indigestible nature. [December 1, 2013] In sum, water (not rainwater, which would be safer to drink …
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